Western Newspapers - a clickable map leads to state newspapers.

Western University Presses.
University of Arizona Press.
University of California Press.
University of Hawaii Press
University of Oklahoma Press.
Oregon State University Press.
Stanford University Press
University of Texas Press.
Texas Tech University Press.
Texas A&M University Press Consortium.
University of Utah Press.
Utah State University Press.
University of Washington Press.
Washington State University Press.

Library of Congress.
Pioneer - Utah's on-line library.
The Internet Public Library.
WSU Library.

Book Reviews.
Los Angeles Times Books.
New York Times Books.
New York Review of Books.
The Reader's Room.

Electronic  Journals & Magazines.
The Atlantic Monthly.
Foreign Policy.
Mother Jones.
Multinational Monitor.
The Nation.
New Internationalist.
The New Statesman.
The New Republic.
Time Daily (Time Magazine Online).
U.S. News Online.
weber studies - devoted to the environment and culture of the contemporary West.
Western Criminology Review - if you're into crime.
Writers on the Range - High Country News, contemporary authors on current topics.

General Reading Lists.
American Library Association Booklist.
Welcome to BookPage.
Book Browser.
Boston Book Review.


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