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Students, faculty, and general readers will find the following works, selected from the Weber archives, of special interest.  These readings may be supplemented by using our search program to look for works by the same authors or works that deal with the same themes and ideas.

, Personal Narrative
, Poetry
, Conversations with Eminent Writers
, Short Stories
, The Environment
, Ideas
, FilmFocus


Personal Narrative  

"Is language, in fact, a medium in which we exist as human beings and function as social beings? Is language tantamount to our experience of life and culture, or is it simply used to keep a conversation going?"

 - Harold Gaski, "A Language to Catch Birds," Weber Studies, Fall 1999.

, Karen Babine, "Deadwood"
, Simmons B. Buntin, "Calendars of the Sun and Moon"
, Russell Burrows, "The Mormon Samson: Porter Rockwell"
, Christopher Camuto, "In a Landscape"
Matthew Cooperman
, "The Color of Dust," "A Raft of Blues"
, Julia Corbett, "Fashion Stories"
, John Daniel, "The Province of Personal Narrative"
, David James Duncan, "My Advice on Writing Advice"
, Ron Fischer, "The Language of Stone: Stories from Pictograph Caves"
, Shaun T. Griffin, "Letter From the Blackstone River: Under Fog with the Porcupine Caribou"

, Jessica Halliday, "A Mother's' Fairy Tale"
, Robert King, "Lost at Home in the Bottomlands"
, Waddie Mitchell, "Keynote Address: 2001 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering"

, David Mogen, "Circle in the Snow"
, Louis Owens, "Finding Gene"
, Levi Peterson, "Growing Up in Snow Flake"
, John Schwiebert, "News Flash: Walt Whitman Advises Teens to 'Skip' Poetry?"
, Robert B. Smith, "Metamorphosis"
, David Stevenson, "Untethered in Yosemite: A Report from Paradise in the Last Summer of the Millennium"
, John H. Timmerman, "Bringing the Dead to Life: An Explanation of War and Memory"



"I do not write poetry / it writes me / into the blue-black center / of my birth back then / when I slid head first / into sterile white with no words..."

- Carol Carpenter, "I Do Not Write Poetry," Weber Studies, Fall 1998.


, Stephen Dunn, 2007.
, Billy Collins, 2008.
, Todd Fuller, 1999.
, Carolyn Forché, 2008.
, Gary Gildner, 2003.
, Lois Marie Harrod, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2007.
Sherwin Howard, 1985, 1986, 1986, 1991, 1997.
William Kloefkorn, 1989, 2000, 2002. 2005.
David Lee, 1988, 1996, 2002, 2007.
, Joel Long, 2004.
, Waddie Mitchell, 2004.
Naomi Shihab Nye, 2008.
, Galimarie Pahmeier, 2000.
, Mark Strand, 1992.
, Myrna Stone, 2002 2005.
, Nancy Takacs, 1992, 1995 , 1996, 1999, 2002.
, Stan Tixier, 2004.
, Kathryn Winograd, 1995, 1999.

Essays on Poetry

, "Poets on the Prairie" by Robert King.
, "With Sharon Olds in Idaho"  by Ron McFarland.
, David Lee, Interview with Katherine Coles.
, Mark Strand, Interview with Katherine Coles
, "From the Ash of Human Feeling—Teaching Poetry Behind the Fence" by Shaun T. Griffin
, "News Flash: Walt Whitman Advises Teens to 'Skip' Poetry?" by John Schwiebert 
, "
Poetry Everyday—Yemen 1993" by Elmaz Abinader



Conversations with Eminent Writers (including examples of their creative work published in Weber)

"Do you think it might be different for writers who are critics, too?  What do you find in your own conversations with writers? Do writers who are also critics shy away from analyzing their own work?"

- Scott Slovic, "An Interview with Rick Bass,"  Weber Studies, Fall 1994.

, 1997 Meena Alexander (Poetry 1997).
, 1994 Rick Bass (Fiction 1994).
, 1990 Ann Beattie (Fiction 1990).
, 2004 Ken Brewer
, 2000 Rex Burns (Fiction 2000).
, 1990 Alan Cheuse (Fiction 1990, Fiction 1994).
, 2008 Billy Collins (Poetry 2008).
, 2001 Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni (Fiction 1998).
, 2007 Stephen Dunn.
, 1994 E.L. Doctorow, (Fiction 1994).
, 2002 David J. Duncan, (Essay 2004).
, 2008 Carolyn Forché, (Poetry 2008)
, 2000 Carlos Fuentes.
, 2004 Gary Gildner, (Poetry 2003, Fiction 2004).
, 1993 William Kennedy (Play 1993).
, 1995 Maxine Hong Kingston (Fiction 1995).
, 2002 Gary LaFontaine.
, 1996 David Lee (Poetry 1988, Poetry 1996, Poetry 2002).
, 2001 Barry Lopez.
, 2004 Waddie Mitchell (Essay 2004, Cowboy Poetry 2004)
, 1994 Lewis Nikosi (Fiction 1994).
, 2008 Naomi Shihab Nye (Poetry 2008).
, 1996 Robert Olmstead (Fiction 1996).
, 2005 Robert Pinsky
, 2001 David Quammen.
, 1992 May Sarton (Journal 1991, Poetry 1992).
, 2007 Alice Sebold.
, 2003 Michael Schumacher.
, 1992 Mark Strand (Poetry 1992).
, 2002 Stephen Trimble (Art 2002).
, 2003 Raquel Valle-Sentíes, (Art & Poetry 2003)
, 1999 Gerald Vizenor (Fiction 1999).
, 1995 James Welch (Fiction 1995).
, 2003 Kate Wheeler.
, 2002 Terry Tempest Williams.



Short Stories

"Stories are for joining the past to the future. Stories are for those late hours in the night when you can't remember how you got from where you were to where you are."

- Tim O'Brien, quoted by Joseph Cox, Weber Studies, Spring/Summer 1996.

, James Barbour, "Mondegreen"
Martin R. Dean "The Escape Artist" (Global Spotlight)
Joseph Ditta, "Hour Before the Dark", "Of Bondage and the Break", "Madison Blues"
, Richard Dokey, "A Horse of a Different Color", "Something Happened", "Motel Man"
, Gary Gildner, "The Romona Tomorrow Story"
, Tom Hansen, "No Monsters Allowed"
, David Kranes, "Burning the Leaves"
, Will Michelet, "The Price of Preservas Prohibidas"
, James Reed, "The Otherwise Dark"

, Neila Seshachari, "It's Your Heart that Makes all the Difference"
, Alicia Shank, "Hurts"



The Environment 

"The very meaning of the word environment ... has undergone metamorphosis from human environment to the environment, protean in its suggestiveness of survival as well as cyclical natural processes of regeneration."

- Neila Seshachari, "Editor's Note," Weber Studies, Winter 1992.

, Michael Branch, "Ecocriticism:  The Nature of Nature in Literary Theory and Practice"
, Brendon Cesmat, "Surviving Paradise"
, Sally Charette, "It Ain't Las Vegas"
, Michael Engelhard, "Closed Range"
, Mike Freeman, "Interplay—The Need for Wilderness"
, Tim Gilmer, "The Soil Inside Us"
, Shaun T. Griffin, "Letter From the Blackstone River: Under Fog with the Porcupine Caribou"
, Linda Hasselstrom, "Badger's Business"
, Kevin Holdsworth, "High Plateau Blues"
, Edward Lueders, "Dirt, Rock, Wind, Rain, Ice, Dust:  Notes on the Environment"
, Waddie Mitchell, "Keynote Address: 2001 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering"
, John Nizalowski, "Bridges"
, Max Oelschlaeger, "The Way Ahead:  Building Grounded Communities"
, Barry Lopez, "A Conversation With..."
, Stan Tixier, "Welcome Rain" and other poems
, Maximilian S. Werner, "The Dowsers of Perlite Pond"




"In humanistic studies such as art, history, philosophy and literature there is a lack of immediacy, a lack of task-orientation, a lack of practicality and pay-off. When the press of immediacy is suspended, one has a chance to play around with ideas. This is the atmosphere conducive to developing critical intelligence."

- K. Danner Clouser, "Humanities in a Tech Education," Weber Studies, Spring 1986.

, Appleby, Englehardt, Irish, Wilson, "The Value of Values:  A Conversation"
, Wayne Booth, "The Last Amateurs ..."
, Walter Cummins, "'They Fancied Themselves Free':  Exploration and Individualism"
, Judy Elsley, "Dividing up the World"
, Tamara Fritze, "Growing a Home: Gardens as Place"
, Carolyn D. Holbert, "True West"
, David Hutto, "The Southern Quandry of Being OK but Southern"
, Robert Schnelle, "Over the Line: Robert Frost and Trespass"
Doug Smith, "Ten Years After: An Intimate Account of the Yellowstone Wolf Story"
, Matthew J. Sullivan, "Outsiders"
, Larry Tritten, "R. C. Gorman and J. D. Challenger: Two Hearts of the West"
Manfred Weidhorn, "Beyond Conservatism and Liberalism"
, Jim Young, "Homesteading in Virginia: An Academic in Exile"



"Filmmaking is very attractive to people, and there’s an apparent glamour to it. I would personally disabuse people of that. It’s very, very hard work. I remind people that it’s hard work. The hardest working people I know are filmmakers, in terms of how many hours they put in a day and how many days they work a week and how many weeks they work a year."

- Ken Burns, "Weber Studies, Fall 2006.

, Samir Dayal, "Professing Spirituality: Bollywood Fantasies and the Return of Religion"
, Greg Lewis, "Between Moscow and Hollywood: China's National Cinema at Weber State University"
, Andreas Ströhl, "On the Threat to American Bodies: The View From Abroad Inside a Movie Theater"
, Madonne Miner, "Not the Usual Suspects: Revising the Code of the Male Heist in Sugar & Spice"

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