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Winter 2008, Volume 24.2


Rebecca Lilly

Rebecca Lilly has published two collections of poems, You Want to Sell Me a Small Antique (winner of the Peregrine Smith Poetry Prize) and Shadwell Hills, a book of haiku. She has also authored two works on spiritual philosophy and practice, The Insights of Higher Awareness and Ego and the Spiritual Self, both from Humanics Publishing Group.


10 Haikus

Nearing dusk; the breeze
Under crows’ wings; seasonal
Scents through blue cedars


Clouds at dusk drifting
Through abandoned house windows—
Dust on their shadows


Moss gets slippery
Nearer the pond; the falls mist
Clinging to cliff rocks


Almost unseen, ice
On the ledge; in distant woods
The mist is settling


That moment the owl
Left us behind; woods settle;
The downstream silence


Snowfall is ending…
As far hills darken with dusk
Crows start up again


A calm spring morning—
The sculptor’s rock unfinished
With its cloak of moss


A long shadow of pine
On railroad tracks—where the crows
Gather on brown grass


More dog days; scarecrow
Straw in dust from the tractor—
The sundown’s soft blush


No shade in this field
Where crows mate with each other—
A breeze through the graves

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