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Spring/Summer 2004, Volume 21.3



Linda Dufurrena

Ranch and Range: Picturing the Great Basin

Photo of Linda Dufurrena.

Linda Dufurrena's book of photographs Fifty Miles From Home: Riding the Long Circle of a Nevada Family Ranch (University of Nevada Press, 2002) presents a stunning vision of the Great Basin. Her work has appeared in numerous issues of Nevada Magazine and Range Magazine. She was a featured artist in Persimmon Hill Magazine, and her photographs have been exhibited in the Cui-ui Gallery, Reno, Nevada, and the Northern Nevada Museum, Elko, Nevada. She is the founder of Shooting the West, a Winnemucca gathering of world renowned photographers, now in its 17th year. She lives and works on the Dufurrena family ranch outside of Winnemucca, Nevada, where her vision and photographs continue to document life in the Great Basin.

Linda Dufurrena is a remarkable artist. Living and working on the Dufurrena family ranch in the Quinn River Valley outside of Winnemucca, Nevada, Linda Dufurrena takes pictures:

I like to bring a focused perspective—a sense of meaning—to the world I live in. I find my subjects in the vast and ever-changing patterns of the desert atmosphere—and in the men and women who live and work here among the creatures that inhabit these wild spaces. Sometimes I see there is not a great difference between people and landscapes. I am what you might call an "intuitive" artist. I seldom search for my subjects. More often than not, I find my subjects in my wanderings. When what I see "feels'" right, I just "know" that it is right. I often photograph in the mornings—not necessarily because of the light, but because it is the most quiet in the morning. I like it out here in the quiet—the solitude. Solitude is an inspiration.

Linda Dufurrena's work is a testament to a powerful landscape and a unique way of life.

onion.jpg (68948 bytes)
"Autumn at Little Onion"
lone shack.jpg (49688 bytes)
"Lone Shack"
broken window.jpg (43461 bytes)
"Broken Window to the Black Rock Desert"
Shapes.jpg (67273 bytes)
"Shaping Evening"
lines of blue.jpg (23899 bytes)
"Lines of Blue"
Woodrow Govenor.jpg (45939 bytes)
"Woodrow Govenor"
girl.jpg (34491 bytes)
"Basque Girl at Festival Time"
on the job.jpg (45367 bytes)
"On the Job Training"
Riding the Flat.jpg (38271 bytes)
"Riding the Flat
Brian Morris.jpg (51759 bytes)
"Brian Morris"
cowboy and dog.jpg (54171 bytes)
"Hitting the Road"
Jose and sheep dogs.jpg (67961 bytes)
Winnimucca.jpg (58867 bytes)
"Behind Winnemucca Mountain"
water.jpg (55019 bytes)
"Summit Lake Stillness"
Rest Stop.jpg (53560 bytes)
"Rest Stop"
red suspenders.jpg (35984 bytes)
"Hank's Red Suspenders"

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