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Spring/Summer 1998, Volume 15.2



Linda Sillitoe

Linda Sillitoe (BA, U of Utah) is the author of eight books including two novels and
Crazy for Living (poems). She is completing a non-fiction book and a second collection of poems.


For Now

For now, neither the morning nor I
am captive. We move carelessly.
The cat snoozes in the curl of the quilt
knowing I can't make my bed.
My daughter sleeps so soundly
she may wake whole again.
The neighbors have left,
the small boy's voice piping
behind him like ebbing traffic.

And despite a week's forecast
of clouds and rain, for now
the sky invents brilliant blue.
A sunbeam finds a diagonal
across my keys, my work.
I must work and work well
on this empty beach of morning
that promises like a lover's goodbye,
hoping "soon," meaning, "now."


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