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Spring/Summer 1996, Volume 13.2



John McKernan

John McKernan (Ph.D., Boston University) teaches English at Marshall University. His poetry has recently appeared in the
Paris Review, Prairie Schooner, New England Review, Asylum, and elsewhere.



Without and within shapeless stones
I have found the crafted forms of

Worm tunnel      Shark fin
Lizard toe      Bird feather

One summer near Chandron Nebraska
112 Fahrenheit      In lava-thick air

With mallet of chrome
And anvil of dust

I tapped the choir of a tiny dry spring
Until one pebble cracked wide      Revealing

On one side      Space
On the other      Time

And a tiny ovoid hummingbird egg
Rock solid in hard light

Imprinted with the dent
Of a single fossilized raindrop

I know now how to believe in God
When to pray to Father Darwin


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