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Winter 1995, Volume 12.1



Robert M. Hogge

Robert M. Hogge (Ph.D., University of Arizona) is an Associate Professor of English at Weber State University and Book Review Editor for
Weber Studies. His poetry has appeared in BYU Studies, Texture, Innisfree, Daedalus, and Weber Studies. Read other poetry by Robert M. Hogge published in Weber StudiesVol. 9.3


Incident at the Bridge

Thirteen, skinny, alone
     my shirt soaked
     legs aching
the hard climb yet ahead,
i rest on the bridge
     put the kickstand downó

Leaning, the rail hot
     against my back,
and boiling mud-red swirls


i squint through lattice-works
     of riveted girders
toward distant shale ridges
                 like shelves of dusty books
     shimmering in the half-light.

She screams!

i look down
     almost losing my balance.

She runs naked along the bank
           shoulders brown
           breasts white
                 firm and pointed.

i stare, my mouth dry.

Not far behind,
     He trots after her,
                 almost in slow motion,
     limited in His nakedness, 
                 muscular, tanned,
     His buttocks white.

"Do you need any help?"

                  i shout

the sound of my voice hollow,
     like static above the foaming rocks.

She stops running and looks up at me,
     her hand cupped above her eyes,
                 shading the sun.

She sticks out her tongue,
     drops her gaze,
     waits for Him.

She runs again,
     but slower this time.

He catches her on a grassy knoll
     shaded by willows and cattails
                 where the Gunnison


                  into the Colorado.

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