Fall 1991, Volume 8.2
Notes on Contributors


RON CARLSON is Director of Creative Writing at Arizona State University. His story published in this issue will appear in his next collection, Plan B, which will be published by W. W. Norton next year. See also p. 22.

JOSEPH M. DITTA (Ph.D., U of Missouri—Columbia) is Chair of the Department of English at Dakota Wesleyan University. His poems have appeared in Poetry, Poetry Now, Kenyon Review, Modern Poetry Studies, Southern Humanities Review, Kansas Quarterly, and others. He is also author of Natural and Conceptual Design: Radical Confusion in Critical Theory (Peter Lang 1984).

CHUCK GUILFORD (Ph.D., Northern Illinois U) is Associate Professor of English at Boise State University. His work has appeared in Poetry, College English, Boise Magazine, Crab Creek Review, and others.

BROOKE HOPKINS (Ph.D., Harvard U) is Chair of the English Department at the University of Utah. His articles have appeared most recently in The Kenyon Review and The International Journal of Psycho-Analysis.

SHERWIN W. HOWARD (Ph.D., U of Wisconsin) is Professor of Theatre and Dean of Arts and Humanities at Weber State University. He was named Utah Poet of the Year in 1988. His recent poetry has appeared in Dialogue, Redneck Review, and Permanent Press.

MICHAEL T. MARSDEN (Ph.D., Bowling Green St. U) is Professor of Popular Culture and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Bowling Green State University. Co-Editor of five books, he is also Co-Editor of Journal of Popular Film and Television and has authored more than 40 scholarly articles.

PAULINE MORTENSEN (Ph.D. in Creative Writing, U of Utah), whose story, "Tree Planting Camp," appeared in Weber Studies Spring 1991 issue, was inadvertently left out of the Notes on Contributors. Mortensen has been listed in Best American Short Stories, 1987 and has won two awards for her fiction: the Utah Arts Council Award for "best short story collection, 1987" and the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press Association Award. Her stories have appeared in College English, South Dakota Review, Network, BYU Studies, Cimarron Review, and others. Her short-story collection is Back Before the World Turned Nasty (U of Arkansas P, 1989).

SIMONE POIRIER-BURES (M.A. in Creative Writing, Hollins C) teaches English at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, VA. Her stories and poems have appeared in Artemis, Potato Eyes, Bitterroot, and Bits. The story published in this issue serves as the prologue for her newly completed novel, Candyman.

JOHN E. SCHWIEBERT (Ph.D., U of Minnesota) is Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center at Weber State University. His articles have appeared in Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, Studies in Browning, and others. He is co-compiler (with Chris M. Anson and Michael Williamson) of Writing Across the Curriculum: An Annotated Bibliography (forthcoming) and is completing a freshman composition textbook.

ED WEYHING (M.F.A., Vermont College) lives in Middletown, RI. His work has appeared in Providence Journal, Cimarron Review, Writers' Forum, and The Hollins Critic.

ROBERT ZIEGLER (Ph.D., Cornell U) is Professor of Humanities at Montana Tech. His articles have appeared most recently in Essays in Literature, French Review, Modern Language Studies, and Studies in Twentieth Century Literature.

On the occasion of the Columbus quincentennial, Weber Studies invites submissions — poetry, fiction, and critical essays — with multicultural emphases on "Exploration and Discovery" for the Fall 1992 issue. Manuscripts should reach the editor by the end of March 1992.