Spring 1986, Volume 3
Notes on Contributors


IJean ff. Andra is Associate Professor of French in the Foreign Language Department, Weber State College. She has a doctorate in French literature and her dissertation was on Jean Cocteau.

Stephen L. Clark is Associate Professor of Botany at Weber State College with a variety of interests from karate to poetry.

K. Danner Clauser teaches in the Department of Humanities at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania State University in Hershey, PN.

Ron Deeter is an instructor of Composition and literature in the English Department of Weber State College.

Joseph M. Dixon is Professor of History at Weber State College, he has a variety of interests especially traveling and writing and studying prose fiction.

Roberta Glidden is a well known local artist whose unique creations in fabric and ceramics have won considerable acclaim. Her husband Jock Glidden teaches Philosophy at Weber State College.

Bob Greger has been a picture and word journalist for twenty years in the states of New York, Florida, Wyoming, Arizona and Utah. He has a B.A. from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.

Rikki Hansen is Professor of English at Weber State College with a specialty in Dramatic literature.

Opie R. Houston is a retired Air Force officer and prize-winning poet. He is widely published in a number of poetry magazines such as Gryphon, Cedar Rock, Pudding and others. fie teaches creative writing at Austin Texas Community College.

Sherwin W. Howard is Dean of the school of Arts and Humanities at Weber State College with a special Interest in writing plays and poetry.

Marshall Isaacson is Assistant Professor of English at Weber State College with a rich occupational background and wide travel experience.

Paul ff. Johnson is the Chairman of the Department of Corrections and Law Education at Weber State College.

John Kendrick Is an internationally known poet, fiction writer and playwright whose works have been published In several languages. He reads to audiences from Russia to Utah and his plays have been produced at the Edinburgh Festival as well as a number of other locations. He was a guest reader at WSC In February, 1986.

Joanne Kurfiss is the Director of Instructional Development at Weber State College. "Writing Across the Curriculum" is a special research project during her sabbatical leave 1985-86.

Mike Meyer is an instructor of Composition and literature at Weber State College.

Betty Stewart Moore is a former student of English at Weber State College. She works in the Stewart Library Documents area.

S.S. Moorty is Chairman of the English Department at Southern Utah State College at Cedar City.

Therese Nelson is a former English Honors student at Weber State College. Graduating with her B.A. in 1982, she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to Finland. While there she gave birth to a daughter and obtained a commission to translate Finnish literature. She presently lives in Cambridge, Mass. with her husband, daughter and son where she plans to begin work on an M.A.

Kimra S. Perkins is employed by Campus Life Services at Promontory Towers, WSC.

Brad L. Roghaar is an instructor of Composition and literature in the English Department at Weber State College.

L. Mikel Vause is an instructor of Composition and literature in the English Department at Weber State College.

Joan Wilcox is a former Honors student at Weber State College. She was editor of the Signpost and Metaphor, She is presently completing her M.A. at Purdue University and plans to enter a doctoral program.

Gloria Wurst is Associate Professor of Zoology at Weber State College who has discovered that science and the humanities have much in common.

Appreciation to the following for their help in producing this issue of Weber Studies: Larry Stable, advisor to the Signpost and Ken & Tammy Hill who did the typesetting Lucie Swanson of the French Department who helped with proofreading; Van Summerill and Gary Hidden of Printing Services and to all those who submitted manuscripts and showed interest in the journal.