Spring 1986, Volume 3
Editor's Notes

LaVon B. Carroll
Note From The Editor

With this issue of Weber Studies I take my leave of the editor's chair with some regrets. I have had much satisfaction in the task, finding that I have a considerable aptitude for the blue pencil. No doubt my long experience with the 11 red" pencil on student themes has contributed to this. Actually it is the positive aspect of helping others to fulfill and polish their efforts at communication with a visible and practical result that has given me the most pleasure. How I wish this condition prevailed in our composition program!

I have been pleased with the contributions and interest shown in the journal these past two years and regret having to limit the selection. Some of the things I stated in my editorial of last year are still true. There does seem to be a lack of understanding of what constitutes a strong, interesting composition. The best advice I can give anyone wishing to be published here or elsewhere is, after sharpening all writing skills, to study the market or vehicle very carefully. Query the editor if you are in doubt.

I am not sure whether the editorial policy will change, but I have tried to follow the philosophy and guidelines established at the inception, i.e., to reach a general college educated audience. I would like to see the science areas, both social and natural, contribute more. It would be a great agent of growth if we would all try to communicate across the barriers of our special disciplines.

I do think you will find this issue stimulating and interesting. I have tried to provide a wide variety from the materials I received, much of it excellent.

With these notes I close my editorial career at Weber State College, hoping that we have established a journal that will grow, reach out and distinguish us in the future.