Spring 1985, Volume 2
Notes on Contributors


Inge Adams is Associate Professor of German in the Department of Foreign Languages. She has recently completed a Doctorate in modern German literature.

Gordon T. Allred, Professor of English, is a noted Utah author who has published a number of novels, books and stories including the widely known Kamikaze, a novel of World War 11.

Barbara Bernstein is an adventurous free-lance journalist and photographer well known in the community for her originality and unusual wit.

Mark Biddle, Assistant Professor of Art directs the Graphic Design program at Weber State College and is experimenting with computer art and graphics, samples of which are included in this issue of Weber Studies.

Jerri L. Byers is a secretary in Radiological Science. She is a graduate of Weber State College, 1982, in communications with a broadcast emphasis. Connected with the college since 1978, she has been involved in many campus activities.

LaVon B. Carroll is Professor of English and Editor of Weber Studies. She is active in the Utah State Poetry Society by which she was named Utah State Poet of the Year in 1982. Her book The Shrouded Carousel was published that year. She is President elect of the Utah State Poetry Society.

Merlin G. Cheney is Professor of English who has served as the Director of Composition and has initiated several vital programs such as English as a Second Language Instruction.

Stephen L. Clark is Associate Professor of Botany with a variety of interests such as American Indian culture and Karate, in which he recently received his Black Belt.

Helen Mar Cook was formerly secretary of the Botany Department at Weber State College. She is a well known Utah Poet, having been named Utah State Poet of the Year in 1975 at which time her book Shape of Flight was published. She is a consistent winner in local and national contests and frequently published.

Gerald R. Grove is Professor and Head of the Department of English. He has written a novel and short stories, many of them about his experience as a fighter pilot in World War 11.

Gerald E. Halliday is a teacher at Clearfield High School and an adjunct faculty member of the English Department.

Nikki Hansen is a Professor of English and former Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities. She is a lover and collector of exotic animals such as parrots and indigent canines and she sometimes writes unusually original poetry.

Sherwin W. Howard is Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities with a special interest in play writing and drama, teaching the former when he has time from his heavy schedule as Dean.

Maxine Jennings teaches English at Henagers Business College in Ogden. She is a widely known Utah poet, winning contests and publishing consistently. She was Utah State Poet of the Year in 1972 when her book A Lamp to Shine was published. She has recently published a new collection of poetry, In Me An Invincible Summer.

Therese A. Nelson is a former English Honors Student of Weber State College graduating in 1982. She obtained a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Finland where her first daughter was born. While there she secured ajob translating Finnish literature into English. She presently resides in Arlington, Maryland with her husband who is attending MIT and child and is expecting her second baby this spring.

Levi S. Peterson is a Professor of English and former director of the Honors Program. He is the author of a book of short stories Canyons of Grace and editor of a collection of short stories, Greening Wheat. lie is presently working on a novel.

Clarence P. Socwell is an alumnus of Weber College, graduating in 1953. lie is a widely known poet and has written plays, one of which was produced by the Weber State College theatre department. He was named Utah State Poet of the Year in 1977 and his book Intrinsic Tapestries was published. He is presently editor of Utah Sings an anthology of Utah Poets published every ten years by the Utah Arts Council and the Utah State Poetry Society.

Claude T. Wynn is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Marketing and Finance whose main interest is Strategic Management on which he has written and read several papers at national conferences.

Appreciation to Larry Stahle, advisor to the Signpost and Caril Jennings for their help in typesetting this issue.