Fall 1993, Volume 10.3
Art Work

Richard Van Wagoner


oil painting showing cars and pickup parked underneath a high overpass. 

1989, oil, 26" x 34"

Richard Van Wagoner might be classified as an American Realist. His highway and urban scenes are executed in any of several media including painting (oil and watercolor), drawing (primarily graphite) and printmaking (primarily woodcut). The range of his exhibitions is extensive with showings in many locations in the United States and occasionally in other countries.


Exit Only

oil painting showing road signs and interstate interchange, empty of cars.

1991, oil, 36" x 48"

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Watercolor USA Honor Society, Van Wagoner is presently chair of a national watercolor conference / symposium entitled "Watercolor Now" to be held in Salt Lake City in December 1993.